Opening  October 31


October 31 thru November 22

Phone rings. Door chimes. In comes COMPANY.  From musical theatre's most renowned composer, Stephen Sondheim, COMPANY is a game-changing, sophisticated and honest look at modern, adult relationships.


On his 35th birthday, Bobby—a commitment-phobic bachelor—searches for the answers to love and life in New York City. While enjoying the company of some lovely ladies, he observes both the joys and pitfalls of marriage from his five quirky couple friends – but is he ready? Only Bobby can find the answer in this witty and piercing examination of matrimony. For how else can you treat marriage, but as a comedy?


The clashing sounds and pulsing rhythms of New York City underscore this landmark multiple Tony Award-winner, considered by many to have inaugurated the modern era of musical theatre. COMPANY features a brilliantly brisk and energetic score containing many of Stephen Sondheim's best known songs.


Opening night has ALREADY SOLD OUT, so don't miss your chance to catch this phenominal cast, which includes (left to right):  Michael J. Ross, Susan Shofner, Joel Sandel, Rebekah Dahl, Brad Scarborough, Libby Evans, Briana Resa, Cay Taylor, Allison Sumrall, Brad Goertz, Lendsey Kersey, Adam W. Delka, Luke Wrobel, Kristina Sullivan.

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